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Not your mother's photo album

An intoduction

Last November, there were more than 2 billion photos on the photo-sharing site Flickr. In the year since then, that number has almost certainly increased. According to the research group Alexa, the site is the 31st most popular on the Web. This is not your mother's photo album.

In fact, in may not be a photo album at all.

After all, the images on Flickr are digital. Instead of being formed in a chemical reaction with light, they are the product of millions of tiny pixels—a sea of zeros and ones. This might not seem like a major difference, but some scholars argue that digital photography is not “photography” at all.

Instead, they call it post-photography.

It has traditionally been defined as what happens when film photography goes digital. Yet post-photography is not primarily about technology. Instead, it represents deeper cultural and behavioral shifts that have shaped and been shaped by technology, especially photo-sharing sites like Flickr.